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Default Terrible feeling of déjà vu

For weeks now, or maybe months (I don't remember much these days) I keep seeing new posts and entire threads which I am convinced I've already seen. Typically I look at 'new posts' or a particular forum section, and see a thread which is shown as having been started 'today' but already has had many replies, including specific wording, typos or images which I am convinced I've seen before, maybe even last week.

Maybe it's just me losing the last few marbles, but there have also been odd notifications happening on another forum run by a friend and myself, and my friend tells me that the PHP on our server is out of date and needs an update which he intends to do asap.

I know that Paul has been announcing updates so maybe something has been affecting time reporting here, but if no-one else has been feeling their memory is being challenged I shall have to conclude that it is just me
- Julian

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