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Default Re: ScrewFix PP9 batteries

A 3D printed one might cost as much as one from B&Q.
I've made them from card and used cheap PP9 clips from ebay. Easier than B101 packs.
I also have some from B&Q and other sources with the base cut open. Sometimes I use a 4 way + 2 way AA holders back to back (double side foam tape) and sometimes 2 x 3 way. Stiff foam packing to stop parts rattling. The €6 in B&Q isn't too bad. I didn't buy ones from Halfords a few years ago as ALL their batteries were years past their use by date!
I maybe have more than 10 sets using PP9s. The least likely being a clock radio, no prizes guessing the brand. Some sets take two. Was that only Hacker and Roberts?
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