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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Originally Posted by Superscope View Post
My area of interest is small Portable TV's.
Are there any 405 Line small portable Sets out there that I can search for?
Hi Ian,
Have a look at this thread.

I was surprised how many 405 or dual standard portable TV's there were! Some are valve or hybrid and some are all transistor.

By the time your TV's were sold in the UK (late '70's or early '80's), 405 would have been considered a 'legacy' system. I'm always amazed there was such a long transition time and that 405 dragged on for so long. As long as the new tv's could receive the new UHF transmissions, it didn't matter that they also came with incompatible VHF tuners. Manufacturers weren't going to remove them just for the UK!

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