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Default Re: The Wellgood Magloop Amp

Yes, as David has described, George Smart re-engineered the Wellbrook, but I did recently find a forum discussing mag-loops where some questions were being raised about whether it's possible that the Wellgood is not precisely the same; could some mistake has crept in. I'll try find that link and will post it. Winding transformer #1 in the Wellgood needs quite a bit of concentration. Apparently, the amp that Wellbrook are now selling is
different to the design which the Wellgood emerged from

I need to do some testing and comparisons now to see how well this is really working. This all started with me putting up a 5MHz dipole last winter, connecting it to my IC-718 and finding an S8 noise level. The Wellbrook is supposed to be good to 30MHz, but my Wellgood seems to be good on 80m but my first impression is that it falls off above that. I've not yet heard anything on 5MHz with it. I need to try it on the IC-718 now.

There's a huge amount of info about magloops on the internet, much of it is inconsistent or contradictory. There are many alternative designs to look at both in terms of the loop and the amp.

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