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Default Re: TalkSport echoes.

Originally Posted by Jonster View Post
The distribution of Talksport is IP based at a fairly low bitrate, so there are varying delays at each site dependent on the routing. It is not something that can be fixed unfortunately. Rotating you radio to null out interference is the only realistic option to cure it sadly.
There appear to have been no echoing issues (that I can hear) on both 1089 and 1053 kHz SFNs for well over a week (I have checked a number of times during darkness) , obviously resolving this problem was not insurmountable.

Originally Posted by Ian - G4JQT View Post
and you can hear different adds in the commercial breaks!
Talksport do not do that anymore as far as I can tell. But they do still have separate traffic/travel news for some areas, I can sometimes easily hear the separate traffic/travel for Scotland on 1089 helped by rotating the radio early in these mornings with Skywaves still present. (listeners possibly hearing another travel news in the background is only a minor issue compared to the constant echoing issues that were occuring!)

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