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Thumbs up AWA Radiola 573MA

Just to prove I do (very rarely) still work on valve gear, repaired the neighbours mantle radio over the last couple of days, an AWA Radiola 573MA 5 valve superhet.

Symptoms were that it had slowly gotten quieter until it made no sound at all (and yes, to jump ahead, it was "that" capacitor, but not why you think.).

A large number of the resistors were way out of spec and all the capacitors bar the silver mica's in the IF transformers have been replaced.

"That" capacitor quite possibly may have been leaky, but the actual problem was the mice had been in the radio and chewed so far through the capacitor that they had manged to eventually short the foils together.

Luck was on the side of the neighbour, as the mains transformer had not suffered (much) and the output transformer and speaker are in good shape.

Have also fitted a 3 wire mains cord to replace the old 2 wire one and a fuse on the mains input (the photo's were taken before hand, still old cord).

As with many old sets, the knobs were a real pain to get off and as you can see, one of them was already part broken (and is now more broken) but the others all survived.

Of course, the knobs on this radio are particular to this one, or so it seems, so now the hunt is on for a replacement (it's the tuning knob skirt if anybody has a spare).

Also need to find my stock of 6.3V MES globes to replace a blown one (and the other one is somewhat black).

It's currently sitting on the temporary workbench happily playing music waiting to be put back in it's cabinet.
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