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Default Re: HP8640B questions

Greetings Everyone

Thank to all for your help in this matter, It turns out that the information Nymrod121 (Guy) provided is just what is needed and perhaps this information will be helpful to others in the future.

I used 3/8 lengths and although these are a little long for the 4-40 it still does the job.

As for Radio Wranglers comments that the grub screws could be Bristol spline grub screws, I am unable to be sure since the heads are to badly damaged and I had to use 2 different sized torx drivers on each of the 6-32 grub screws, but thank you for pointing that out.
Also David, thank you for the added info of when it was built and where, it does help in my search for a manual, which I am still unsuccessful in locating. It seems that my serial number as fallen in to a large hole when it comes to the manual but I may be lucky yet?

So now all that is left to do is reattach the printed disk and make sure that the disc matches the attenuation!

Once again Thank you to all

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