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Default Re: HP8640B questions

My HP8640B is a bit later than yours and my manual does not cover serial numbers as low as your one. You could try contacting, say, Telford Electronics and quote your S/N. They may very well have one that is correct for your vintage of circa 1975. I assume you have already checked the usual online sources such as Keysight themselves, BAMA, KO4BB, etc? Another possible source is Artek Media in the USA for excellent manuals on CD.

My 8640B is currently in the loft, so I can't check the size of grub screw used on the knobs directly. However, HP tended to use two main sizes for most of their knobs, so you stand a good chance of sourcing replacements e.g. from scrap knobs used on a range of HP kit. The grub screws will be American standard ones.

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