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Default HP8640B questions

Greetings all

I have seen a number of posts about the HP8640B signal generator where a number of very knowledgeable people have provided their advice and I am hoeing that the same people will assist me.

Having recently squired and early model (serial # 1536U00693) and successfully repaired the rectifier board to get it functioning I have now come across the broblem of lose attenuation knobs.
I have managed to remove the grub screws from both the step attenuator and the pot attenuator without damaging the knobs but it appears that the grub screws have been over tightened or the wrong size Allen key used when earlier removal was attempted as I had to use varying sizes of torx drivers to remove the grub screws.

I do not want to use the same grub screws and I am hoping that someone will be able to tell me what the correct size of grub screw is used on both attenuator knobs, if anyone would know I would be grateful too hear from them.

Whilst I have found a service manual it does not cover my serial number and I am also asking if anyone would happen to have a copy of the manual that covers my serial number (having seen the warning on the front pages of the other manual) that they would be will to let me have a copy of or if anyone knows where there is a manual that covers my serial number.

Thank you to everyone

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