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Default Re: Bush DAC90A, Write-off to Worker in no easy steps.

Mike, the lamps were purchased from Camber Television Centre, as they were doing kits a while back. The dial lamp diffuser is the original, it just needed a going over with anti-static foaming cleanser on the smooth side, T-Cut on the coarse side.

The biggest improvement was repainting the reflector itself.

Colin, a timely reminder on two counts. For one, I should have included in the write-up the idle current. The replacement/used UL41 was 25mA almost from the word go, & remained there. I then trialled a NOS CV1977, 1st 5 minutes was around 18mA, around 20 minutes later, it stabilised at 23mA. My meter was connected between the output valve anode & TX.

Count two, yes, the mains leads at work. We always have industrial instruments/units returned for repair with missing gland plates & hence, missing captive mains leads. We have the cables under lock & key for added safety, not ideal but it does make repairs easier. The look on the last PAT contractors face when I said 'at least the earth bond'll be a pass!'

I like merlinmaxwells idea of putting a plug in a pocket, though I've been caught out on a TV where the mains RFI cap was pre-power switch, & the jolt from the plug due to the charged cap taught me a lesson.

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