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Default Re: Courier discussions

When choosing a delivery company we strongly advise spending a few minutes on Google researching them. Entering the name of the company and "reviews" should bring plenty of information - especially with the more problematic ones!

Also read the terms and conditions on their website, especially regarding compensation and items not covered. It's often buried in the small print.

There is a lot of variation, with cheaper ones in particular being very restrictive and taking less care of your parcels. You tend to get what you pay for, but with exceptions both ways...

Online stores and mail order companies often have deals with couriers based primarily on price, and accept a certain amount of loss and damage as it costs less to replace than they gain on the price saving. Their priorities are completely different to ours, they are selling new stuff that's replaceable not collectables that aren't.

Collectable and valuable items are in a different league and should be considered as such. Choose based on the company's reputation and reviews etc, not on price.

If you are buying an item it may be worth discussing this with the seller before completing the purchase, as they may not be aware of the reputation of they courier they were planning to use.

Pack your item assuming it will be dropped 6 feet onto concrete and will have other bigger parcels dropped onto it. "This way up" and "Fragile" labels don't help.

Ideally of course use the FCS or make other arrangements to deliver or collect in person - especially for more valuable, rare or fragile items.

We cannot allow companies to be "named and shamed" here for the reasons given above. The companies with large advertising budgets can probably also afford good lawyers, and we are in no position to defend ourselves. None of the mods and admins have any connection with any courier companies.

We are well aware that there are a few REALLY bad courier companies out there. That thread at MSE names and shames right from page one, so please do take a look.

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