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Default The Forum Courier Service - please read

A few comments about this very useful facility.

If a member is good enough to arrange transport of item(s) then it's only good manners to keep them informed as to times and locations - not necessarily by posting on the Forum, but maybe by PM or, if that's not possible, by telephone. In fact, this is best done at the start.

It goes without saying that it is also good manners to thank the parties involved, preferably in open forum so we can then close the thread and delete it in due course.

There could be genuine reasons that someone could not be able to respond, but if possible, contact should be made in some way.

If all else fails, people may dispose of items they are left with if they cannot re-establish contact with the next person in the chain or final recipient within a reasonable period. Donations to a recognisable charity from any proceeds from the sale, maybe.
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