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Default Re: BECG Heritage Open Days

Hello Paul,

What we've taken on here is a pretty major enterprise to house what we hope will become a significant museum of broadcast technology and engineering - hence our title of the Broadcast Engineering Museum. We began BECG based on several of our vintage TV Outside Broadcast trucks (with several operational). These contain a wealth of equipment including working broadcast cameras. They are self-contained micro-museums, but we always wanted a building to be owned by our registered charity to house as much broadcast TV (and radio) equipment as possible. There's over 200 cameras, 8 telecines, 7 Quad VTRs, numerous 1" VTRs and a host of other kit. The moving in process has only just begun, but we will have some of the collection on show as well as our working 'Southern' TV OB truck.

We have owned this amazing 30,000 sq ft building for 8 months now and from a semi-derelict, the main block is now viable. This has taken a lot of time, effort and money. It has its own RAF history too, and that is something of interest to many.

We do have Facebook pages and someone to look after them - we do understand that FB is important and acted on that quite a while ago. Details can be found at the foot of our website homepage which can be found here:

This is a serious organisation and the acquisition of a building like this was not undertaken lightly - it's a massive undertaking (and a time/money vampire). We've achieved much in the short life of BECG to date.

We're especially grateful to those who have gifted/loaned significant tech items and to those generous individuals who believe in what we're doing and given much money and time too.

Best regards,

Paul Marshall
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