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Default Re: TELEFUNKEN 3309 (914 chassis) TV

Originally Posted by ben View Post
There's a TBA540 (to some of whose pins that extra pcb with the transistors has been soldered), a TCA640, and TCA 650.
So your TV is PAL/SECAM without doubt.
According to one of your photos, it should cover european (B/G), french (E/L) and belgian (C/F) norms.

Originally Posted by ben View Post
So far I have tried to tune the set to a Pal G UHF VCR modulator without success ( I know the screen is just a green fog but I was hoping for some audio at least). The tuner panel seems pretty much the same as PAL B/G sets of the same vintage: 3 band selector positions (BI 1-4, BIII 5-12 then UHF 21-68).
Probably a problem in the RF/IF part ...
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