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Default Re: Haigh Wobbulator is there sufficient interest for a PCB?

Hi folks, I've assembled my kit. It worked first time. It's only run up on the bench and I've been testing it on the scope. Haven't tried to wobbulate anything yet. The outputs all seem to be doing what they are supposed to. Here's the frequency ranges I'm getting on the counter:
1. 342-644 KHz
2. 1.0-2.1 MHz
3. 2.9-6.1 MHz
4. 5.2-16.9 MHz
On Range 4 above about 10.4 MHz the frequency setting is unstable but I think this is because of the long wires to the range switch. Grabbing them together with my hand stabilises things so hopefully when I get it in the box I might be able to shorten them a bit and/or position them to avoid this problem.
Cheers, Jerry
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