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Default Re: Cleaning B&O Hifi Cabinet parts

Originally Posted by Radio Wrangler View Post
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but still the smell haunts me from many a customer from years goine by spraying into flaps of VCRs and tape mechanisms that still give me flash backs!
Oooh nasty! must be 20dB harder to clean than the traditional jam butty.

Haha yes,we once had what was the most ridiculous thing at the time ive ever see to belive with a customer coming into the workshop reception with a very heavily wrapped in Bin bags Sony SCL7 VTR! His nephew had managed to spill a tin of paint into the open lid by an assumed accident and enquired if we could help! Well we unwrapped and duley rejected even before making to any bench it was wrecked! The most bizzare thing I have been asked to even consider for many a year gone by,rest assured like many others we have had some right mingers! But the B&O is more of an after service valet to put close to a quality repair so all help advices have been greatly appreciated,but the WD40 still remains-Uggh the thought of it
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