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Default Re: Vintage Radio and Phonograph cutter schematic

Good Morning,

to follow up the yesterday's post, I did replaced the two 100k resistors R44 and R41 as they were drifted up to 130k

the volume pot's were crackling really loud while touching them and cleaned them nicely.

Turned on the unit, again a massive hum happening...50 cycle hum and the hum increasing and decreasing while the volume pot is operating... (bad pre-amp or output tube?) the pin 1s and 2s are grounded on both the 6SJ7.

All the caps and resistors now reads correctly.

Might replace the filter capacitor as it is old, no point now leaving that in as all the other components fresh and new i guess..

This Y cap is still bothering me a lot... not sure what to do with it...

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