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Default Yamaha CA-1010 service upgrade

Hi Guys,

I have a Yamaha CA 1010 which I have owned for around about a year and a half now. It is a great unit and I love it!

However it is in need of some love, I am not sure if it has had service or not but it is definitely due one. There a couple of issues with it now so hopefully someone can point me in the direction of repairing it myself (I am a capable vehicle mechanic, not so much Amps or electrics).

It seems to have to be turned up loud to 'wake' a channel up. Otherwise it is either quiet or crackles.

The other is if it gets turned up above about half way, there is a crackle which begins to happen.

I also want to fit the following terminals -

If someone could recommend someone who can do the work, I am based in Lincolnshire but I am able to post it!
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