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Default Re: VTVM - AC range capacitor voltage rating?

Originally Posted by 6SN7WGTB View Post
Thanks both.

Lawrence - my mistake - the freq was set to MHz... It correctly gives k when set to Hz.

Kalee20 - agree. As it happens I can get a modern Nichicon film cap of actually slightly smaller dimensions which is rated at 2k5 VDC.
EDIT: Kalee20 - I'm not likely to measure such a voltage, but I would not want the VTVM to be incorrectly restored.

As an aside, one thing my AVO Test Set No. 1 was 'useful' for was measuring the 2.5kV on one of those fly-swatters as I worked on minor mods to 'uprate' it...!

However, not too sure I'd be keen on working on a low impedance HV source.
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