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At the moment its mounted for horizontal polarization but could be mounted for vertical if required.
One thing I can say is our transmissions will be vertically polarised. This is because our project is not only about transmitting a radio signal but also concerned with heritage. All the early high power BBC Band I stations were vertically polarised and the vertical H and X aerials came to be seen as (for want of a better word) "iconic".

Some of the medium powered channel 1 BBC1 transmitters, such as Redruth and Divis, did use horizontal polarization to reduce the effects of co channel interference from Crystal Palace particularly during certain weather conditions. The effects of electrical interference, on band 1 reception has reduced over the years especially from auto ignition systems but the levels of noise and interference from electronic devices has sadly increased. Most of this comes from the cheap and nasty electronic gismo's that we surround ourselves with these days including plug in switch mode psu's, LED lamps, wi fi routers to name but a few. The answer as always is to use an aerial mounted as high as possible and using good quality coaxial feeder cable.
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