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Arrow Re: Hammarlund HQ-180A I.F. Help Sought

Originally Posted by IsquaredR View Post
Al, if ever there was someone who deserved a good night's sleep it is you because you've been holding my hand on this HQ-180A-thing all day. It's now 3 AM in Chard so I hope you're deep in REM sleep and enjoying a wonderful dream.

I've owned, used and repaired many comms. receivers in my life, but never an HQ180. But I did get the chance to use one about 50+ years ago - it belonged to a friend who, probably unknowingly, was largely responsible for steering me into a career in radio / electronics. He had an HQ180X - and its performance was superb and a joy to operate.

My current main RX is a Racal RA-17W: 500 kHz to 30 MHz continuous, triple conversion. Soon after I bought it - about 10 years ago - I fully restored it: was in quite a sorry state. Now works just fine.

Yes, I had a good sleep thanks. I had a bizarre dream: not sure if it qualifies as 'wonderful', though. I was walking on the top of the chassis of an absolutely gynormous HQ-180: all the I.F. cans were skyscrapers!

Cheers, Al.
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