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Default Re: Cretinous idea - The combined volume pot and mains SW.

Originally Posted by AC/HL View Post
I can't help thinking that the repurposing of an otherwise scrap old pot is a good way for at least part of it to cheat the WEEE monster. It would have made a good item for one of the old magazine hints and tips features for those of us who remember them.
"Dick and Smithy in the Workshop" to the rescue!

In the past I've bored-out quite a few old potentiometer bushes for this sort of thing, and yes, knitting-needles are a good cheap source of suitably-sized shafting.

Another tip: a short length of the stiff Nylon tube used in industrial pneumatics/robotics makes a good spindle-coupler: heat it in boiling water to soften it and you can then force-fit 1/4-inch/6mm spindles into the ends. This is a good way to deal with diameter-mismatches when you've got a mix of 1/4-inch/6.3mm and 6mm - something that doesn't always work out to be smooth-running when you use solid couplers.
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