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Default Re: Yet Another Bush TV22

Originally Posted by beery View Post
Now I know from its circuit position, C63 should not effect the frame timebase, it is worth checking anyway as I usually find it to be low in value, which is a surprise as the dual canned C61 and C62 are usually fine.
In my set the C61/62 capacitor was a little low in value and leaky. So I removed the base, while largely preserving the aluminium canister, discarded that and the old contents. Not a pretty sight in there in these old capacitors, I wouldn't trust a vintage electro to be reliable here. The more of these I open up, the more horrified I become. It is worth rebuilding to avoid trouble.

I machined a new thicker base made of 1/4" thick insulating material and created 3 lug connections using nickel plated brass 3mm screws, and have solder lugs on those both inside & outside the canister.

To identify the terminals I drilled superficially into the surface of the insulator near the screws/nuts and applied three dots of enamel paint, red, yellow and black for the common(two of these are just visible in the photo). I fitted the new base into the canister with a small amount of non-acid cure silicone rubber. So with enough force the base can still be extracted one day, to replace the electrolytics. One day it will have to be done again in a decade or few...these are electrolytics, it is inevitable.

If I had been able to fit a polyester or polypropylene in there of a higher voltage rating and same uF value I would have, to avoid future failure, but in this case due to the combination of uF value and voltage, I could not do that and was forced into using the electrolytics. I used the best quality ones I could find.
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