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Default IRON METHOD for PCB's

Hi peeps.
For prototypes and none critical pcb's I have started to use the Toner / Hot Iron method.......... but I was still having one or two issues with Toner creep............ that is where the movement of the iron seems to "swage" out the toner so that pads seem to grow and in some cases the gap is reduced to zero. I was thinking about this then.. light bulb moment..... I place the pcb material onto a piece of aluminium sheet to stop the bench top from being burnt...then tape the pcb firmly then the artwork face down..... heres the best bit...I use another thin piece of ally as an antirub interface on top of the artwork, then place the hot iron on top of the sandwich.. Voila... no more toner creep I increased the iron time from 2 mins to 3 mins to allow for heat lag.
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