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Default Re: Early OMEX MC006 music centre wanted by private buyer.

Maybe...But I think there are still more of them out there, most probably sitting in Attics/Lofts gathering dust and some may also be amongst house clearance stuff.

I have faith that there must still be a few early production Omex MC006 music centres out there in good nick which are yet to come up for sale on eBay / Gumtree - It's just a matter of waiting it out until someone somewhere puts the very thing up for sale somewhere!

There are old radios that date back to the 1930's/1940's and although most have been thrown out or broken up by less appreciative people over the years, but as you guys know there are still a large number of those old radios which have still survived and come up for sale all the time on eBay, so I think the chances that some serious hoarders! out there may still have an 1973 Omex MC006 with that bigger writing and larger bull's eye logo on the black front perspex panel sitting somewhere, even if it is faulty / not working.

There are some people who cannot be bothered going to the tip! or don't live near one, or think that the item is too good to throw out, so they think "I will just put this in the loft out of the way for now and buy another one" and 30/40 years later - it's still there!

One can stay hopeful! Eh?
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