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Default Re: Early OMEX MC006 music centre wanted by private buyer.

Hi Guys,

Sorry for my long absence, Hope you are all keeping well

Yes I did see that Omex MC006 on eBay a couple of weeks ago, but it was no good to me as it's the same as all the other 9 ones I have.

I also have seen a couple of Omex Mc006's for sale in Austria and one also for sale in Italy lol!

I am still looking for the very early model which can be identified by the bigger white writing "OMEX" bull's eye logo "MC006" on the from panel which is in one straight line same as the previous picture I posted a while ago.

I always do a google search every now and then to see if someone one there has answered my prayer

I guess whoever has the right OMEX out there don't know I want it

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