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Default Re: Restorers dream part 2 the chassis.


Thank you so much Jeffrey; I've just printed off the diagram and notes and am about to have a session in the workshop.

Whilst waiting for dinner I couldn't resist popping into the workshop. I replaced both 0.003uF decoupling caps on the LOPT valves and switched the set on to check for sparks in the LOPT area.

Am I correct in thinking I've reached a major milestone because U25 is glowing? I've said many times I'm colour blind and I thought U25 was glowing a lovely blue colour but to check I asked Bron to have a look and it is fact glowing purple. Both LOPT valves are glowing but appear unstressed.

I also checked the two mains pins on the back of the chassis and sure enough the thinner one is live at mains so I need to render this safe; I'm not sure if I have a suitable plug but a piece of rubber tube will prevent me touching it.

This chassis must be very near first light; all the valves glow and there is plenty of noise through the speaker if I touch the volume control.

Would U25 glow if the 500mA fuse had blown? I'll have another look for the fuse as it is shown in both circuit diagrams but I couldn't find it yesterday and I spent a long while looking for it.

Kind regards, Col.
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