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Default Re: Smiths Bakelite clock

BTW, Barrie Smith's comprehensive identification book suggests that this model is called the Aberdeen and was available all the way from 1951 to 1965, in both time-only and striking versions.

Glanville and Wolmuth's excellent book suggests that the "Smiths Enfield" name was finally dropped (in favour of just "Smiths") shortly after 1952. It could have been made at Edmonton, but more likely, at the new plant in Ystradgynlais near Swansea:

There must be a lot still around.

Do you know much about your grandparents? Could it perhaps have been a wedding present? Mine had something very similar from the late 1940s, but it was a striking model and in a very plain, dark wood case. Sadly, it was given to a jumble sale in the 1990s, before I became interested in such things. I still have their Hacker Mayflower II thankfully.


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