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Default Re: N4510 help needed

OK guys , I am STILL having this weird voltage situation with these decks (both of them).

In the calibration , it say to inject a 333hz signal into tape in / out at 100mV , then adjust R4 to get 1V out of the monitor . It doesnt say RMS or P2P or just P and here`s the issue.

this is now happening on BOTH of these players so it can`t be me or the decks .

I`m putting in 100mV RMS (0.283 reading on my scope as it only measures in p2p) into the machine , and I can`t get 1V (2.83v P2P) out . Probably more like just over double that and it wont come down .

If I put 100mV peak to peak into it , I can`t get it UP to 1V

So it has to be peak voltage they are using here right ? It doesn`t say so in the manual , but its got to be hasn't it or am I just going mad again ?


P.s. i could have my rms and peak to peak the wrong way round but you will understand what I`m saying , using one its too high , using the other its too low , so it has to be peak right ? (I havent tried that yet , I`ve stopped for the night before I break something .lol)
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