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Default Re: How much time do you get to work on sets?

I think being good at TV and radio repairs is one of those "10000 hour" skills, that's how long it takes to learn it properly. Our time on earth is about 5000 weeks, so if you only spend an hour or so a week on it you aren't going to make it.

People who do sports seriously get up early and have a go, do a bit at lunchtime, a bit more after work and no doubt devote a fair amount of their weekends to it too. All this just to hit something, throw something or do something that we all do every day, just a little bit faster. Proper repairs are much more difficult than this, simply because there are many more disciplines to master and so many more abstract pieces of information to remember in such a way that you can recall them quickly.

When I repair things for people they sometimes say something like 'you are so lucky to be able to do that'. Luck has nothing to do with it. Hours spent studying, reading boring books I don't understand at first, trying and failing, putting resources in place, practicing over and over again until its right. It is fun when it all comes together though.
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