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Default Re: How much time do you get to work on sets?

Yes, the whole thread seems to illustrate very well that priorities are as various as can be and that how much time, and space, our activities get from us is for the most part an index of how much we care about them.

I'm not tempted at all to spend time watching television - the aerial fell down about five years ago and getting it put back up hasn't yet seemed worthwhile. Then, while I've earmarked a 15' x 15' room in our intended flat as a library, I'm wondering what sort of a workbench I may be able to rig up in the 6' wide room next to it, given that now and again the space will be needed for something entirely different. Which does rather betray that, while I love having a good many electronic artifacts around and am apt to be passionate about their preservation, actually getting to work on them isn't nearly my highest priority, and it never bothers me at all what proportion of radios are capable of being used as long as there's a good enough radio to hand to make use of when I want it. Those I'm at all likely to get around to restoring or even just repairing are those the prospect of whose standard of performance most interests me, or those one of us might choose to use even when many others are available.

Happily, we're a various crew here, and genuinely free time inevitably tends to flow to the pursuits and/or people we most love...

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