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Default Gents Pul-Syn-Etic Slave Clock Problem - High Resistance Terminal

Hi All,

A while ago I picked up a Gents Pul-Syn-Etic slave clock with a 4 Ohm coil and built a simple 30 second timing circuit to run it.

The timing circuit works well and keeps good time. However, I have an intermittent problem with one of the terminals on the clock itself which means it periodically stops working. The coil measures fine, but one of the connections between the external screw terminal and the soldered end of the coil intermittently develops a high resistance (5 Ohms to 1 few hundred Ohms) which is enough to restrict the current flow and prevent the clock working.

The connection between the solder terminal and the screw appears to be inside the Bakelite moulding, therefore I canít see whether or not it is damaged. Iím also unable to remove the front of the clock to remove the mechanism completely as the front face appears to be glued on!

Iíll post pictures soon to show what I mean. If anyone has any experience with these clocks and can shed any light on the problem that would be very useful. Tips on dismantling would also be much appreciated.


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