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Default Re: Kolster-Brandes MR10

Originally Posted by TonyDuell View Post
I think that means that the mains transformer primary is _probably_ good (you would not detect a few shorted turns with an ohmmeter reading but such shorts will cause the transformer to draw excessive current and overheat if not worse) and that the switch is closing on both poles when 'on' and opening _at least one_ pole when 'off'

What you do not know is that both poles of the switch are opening. It would be possible for the pole in the live wire to be stuck closed and the one in the neutral wire to be opening. In which case the transformer primary will be live if the set is swtiched off. Not a major hazard it's true, but if it were my set I'd check the switch a bit more carefully.
Thanks Tony - a couple of very interesting points for me to look into further.

I suppose that I'm just relieved after my recent experiences with a Bush AC91 and a Bush DAC90A that neither the Mains Transformer nor Output Transformer are open circuit !
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