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Default Re: Final Solihull Fling - 10th May 2014 - TV Junk Swap

Hi everyone.

As usual, feel free to turn up any time after about 08:00 in the morning. The day usually finishes at about 22:00 (give or take an hour) and the usual Drum-and-Monkey lunch is at roughly 13:30.

If people fancy bringing biscuits / cakes / snacks / drinks / pies or whatever for the usual during-the-day comestibles then that would be brilliant. (Bacon sandwiches will be freely available in the morning as usual and tea / coffee etc. will be available throughout the day.)

There will be test equipment and a few benches available as well as components and vales so if you're bringing something along to fix then you should be okay.

As this is a bit of a junk-swap then please feel free to bring any TV related or other electronic type junk along to swap with other people's junk.

And finally, could I please ask people to wear name-badges of some description - to save me being flummoxed at trying to remember people's names as much as anything else.

Thanks everyone and see you next Saturday.

Kind regards.

From Mike.
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