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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

Originally Posted by Welsh Anorak View Post
If you do go down that route remember to remove any modifications that were done to boost your existing tube or else the replacement won't last long. The fact the TV apparently displays a good greyscale suggests the CRT is good and may well have been replaced in the set's lifetime.
That's part of the concern I have here, I don;t know what to look for regarding the boosting. How to visually tell from the inside what he did. He denies boosting it, but I'm sure I recall him doing it, and it did get it running again properly for a short while before it started dying at a faster rate.

There's someone else not far from that seller who also has one in proper working condition, but wants 200 for it which is way too much. I've tried making him a more reasonable offer, but he's not interested in selling it cheaper.

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