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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

Originally Posted by Welsh Anorak View Post
1002 is the model number - some have it on the front and some don't. You'd need to be sure the CRT is OK though. Does the TV work? If so, have a look at the picture. If you like it, then you could buy this TV and keep yours for spares.
The seller say the following-

-In fullscreen there is a very minor narrow light band at the bottom of the screen, which is not visible when used in conjunction with a digital to analogue set top box (see image of noisy signal and compare with TV signal image).

-The TV is able to produce itís colour display to the screen BUT the manual tuner has difficulty in keeping the colour signal in sharp focus. I found it holds a sharp greyscale display easily but could not maintain a sharp colour signal. (See images). Someone competent in tuner issues should be able to sort this out.

Thanks for your message. I am no TV expert, but I have described the television in the best detail that I can.
As you can see from the photos, the black-and-white image is sharp and steady. The colour image is present and the colours all match up to the image but it is slightly fuzzy because I cannot get the tuner to lock in this picture and hold it steady. This leads me to believe that the issue is with the tuner. I would have thought that if there was a problem with the cathode-ray then either there would be no colour at all or the colours would not display properly. This is not the case. Therefore, I think that the issue is solely with the tuner, but I am not an expert. I hope that makes sense, please let me know if you have any other questions. Kind regards.

I've had my TV modded to make 4 of the channels video signal friendly. Mine is also cosmetically better. I'd probably be better transerring the tube to mine and keeping the 'new' one for it's parts. Looking at the pictures, I think he's right that it's the tuner on account of the fuzziness in his pictures, but I'm not sure about the bright band at the bottom of the screen that he mentions maybe being a problem?
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