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Default Re: Ferrograph Quiet Crackly Audio

Hi. Just thought id update this thread.
I managed to fix the faults.

There was a disconnected wire on the tape deck chassis which was causing the lack of HT and the no erase fault was much simpler. The erase plug on the back had fallen out without me noticing. Sticking that back in everything started working.

Sounding a lot better with the new capacitors anyhow. Still havent properly looked at the canned caps but to be honest they measured okay and the machine is working perfectly so i'm going to leave them for now.

I'll be honest the sound quality really surprised me. Both through the internal speaker and playing it's recordings on my hifi r2r. Definitely going to have a lot of fun with this machine now its all working. Great for making tape loops with the built in splicing block.

Thanks for all the help anyway
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