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Default Re: My 819 line French TV project

Hi Adrian,

Too bad you are stuck with Ubuntu... Mint by the way is a derivative of Ubuntu and uses mostly the same repositories. For some reason graphics management front ends in Ubuntu and Mint cinnamon version seem to hide graphics modes that have a low resolution. I have searched online but thus far have not been able to find out why this is happening. I am pretty sure a simple tweak of a configuration file might be all that is needed to show all resolutions. But as most users out there want more rather than less resolution I believe chances of find an answer in the forums etc are slim. Out of the box only the xfce windows environment seems to list all modes. For what its worth here is what I found:

1) Nvidia proprietary (faster) drivers are not compatible with xrandr. You need to use the x-org drivers with Nvidia for xrandr to work.

2) on Ubuntu 18.4 I have been able to use an AMD (ATI) graphics card (RV710) successfully. You do need to use the "output" command line once, however, to get the correct output. After that it will continue to work even after a reboot.

I am far from being a Linux "guru" so I am also curious of anybody else here might jump in and suggest a solution.


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