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Default Re: Philips 22CS1002/05t TV

Just a quick pop by, mainly to jot something down before I forget. I had to pop out to the shop today to pick up a Scart coupler, and asked him about what he did to the set. He said 'nothing' :/
That of course contradicts everything. Anyway, he didn't short the coils. I'm pretty sure at the time he said 'boosted' anyway, and was turning things in the back of the set, although he did adjust the overscan as well,, which may have been responsible for that.
Regarding 'boosting', and what's been said here before, is the boosting level something that could be easily detected by looking inside the back of the set? Such a something up at a higher amount than normal? IF boosting is what's killing the tube, I'll need to find a way to turn it back off before the new tube is fitted. Thansk
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