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Default Re: Re-spraying record decks.

I recently tried the Benzyl Alcohol based stripper that was introduced as a 'green' alternative when traditional Nitromors etc. was outlawed. Now, I was expecting it - like most 'green' alternatives - to be about as much use as nipples on a fish - but to my surprise it actually worked OK.

[It does tend to dry out though: so I put the stripper-coated item-to-be-stripped into a Zip-loc bag for a few days].

I've also used Sodium Hydroxide successfully - though don't use it on aluminium or its alloys!

Alternatively, in the past I've had things bead- or soda-blasted: there's a local guy who refurbishes alloy classic car wheels: for the cost of a pint or two he'll pop my radio-chassis or similar in his cabinet when he's next doing a batch of 1960s Minilites.
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