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Default Re: Best place to get PP9s?

Originally Posted by DonaldStott View Post
Just got an EVER READY Silver 9V PP9 Battery from CPC - 3.55 ex. VAT

Tried fitting this in my Roberts R303 but it seems slightly too big - scrapes against the two bolts at the top of the battery compartment!

What am I doing wrong??

I have a Roberts R303 on my ToDo list but noticed that a new PP9 battery I bought from CPC doesn't fit - it's slightly too big and the two bolts at the top of the battery compartment prevents the battery from fitting in? What am I doing wrong, if anything??

I will of course start a new Roberts R303 Thread when I get round to restoring it but just thought I'd mention this in passing - don't want to divert the current Thread.
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