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Default Re: MB60/TR82 Replacement Knob Brights.

I must admit that I do like a challenge, and this certainly has been one. After a deal of head scratching, quite a bit of trial, many errors, and some not insignificant costs in terms of material, equipment, and (that most valuable of all commodities) time, I think I may have achieved an acceptable and reproducible result.

Click image for larger version

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As I don't own an MB60/TR82 I made these out of sheer curiosity, just to see if I could do it. However, if there is sufficient demand at a realistic price, I may offer them for sale. Considering the rarity of the original item, and bearing in mind that any profits would go to a worthy cause, what would forum members consider to be a reasonable price for one of these? Answers by private email please - I would not want this thread to turn into some form of Dutch Auction!

My grateful thanks and a free sample to Howard for providing original parts as patterns, and to Robert (rrdmpb) for posing the stimulating question.

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