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Default Re: 405 line TV with the HackRF

Originally Posted by dtvmcdonald View Post
That's what I tried. I got it to sort of work on Linux, but it failed on Windows.
I have only had partial success at compiling hacktv for windows. It's been requested a few times so I may work on this some more. I don't have any PCs running windows here at the moment so I can't do any testing.

Originally Posted by dtvmcdonald View Post
I can take your code for Linux and mutate it directly to do what I need. I don't want to play a file ... I want it to generate an in-memory array and
repeatedly, forever, play that. That I can do easily ... it getting it out that failed all my attempts to be reliable.
The test pattern generator in test.c is almost exactly what you need. At the moment it's just a very simple pattern I put together for testing 625 line PAL, but it could easily be modified and/or extended.

Originally Posted by dtvmcdonald View Post
At least I can try. Any Gnuish code is so horribly opaque that its hard
I try to keep my code clear and simple. Don't always succeed though
Feel free to ask about any part of it.
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