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Default Re: 405 line TV with the HackRF

Originally Posted by [fsphil] View Post
An IQ file for transmitting with hackrf_transfer? I can do that for you, any particular video?
That's what I tried. I got it to sort of work on Linux, but it failed on Windows.

I can take your code for Linux and mutate it directly to do what I need.
I don't want to play a file ... I want it to generate an in-memory array and
repeatedly, forever, play that. That I can do easily ... it getting
it out that failed all my attempts to be reliable.

At least I can try. Any Gnuish code is so horribly opaque that
its hard, but often I succeed. I will look at the stuff you posted,
andhope to work on it over the Christmas break ... the power is going to
be off at the office, I just pray no more broken pipe floods!
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