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Default Re: A More Useful MK14

I have to say that's not nearly as untidy as I was expecting it to be.

Unlike some here, I only have the one MK14 (original, issue II) and it certainly did get hacked about in the early stages of its life, although not nearly as much as Circuitryboy's. It did have the single-step circuitry floating out to one side and at various times the MK14 was in a proper enclosure so the keypad and display were extended offboard.

For at least the last ten years I've been more concerned with trying to restore it to close to its original configuration so I wouldn't ever carry out such extensive mods to it now. If I ever come to own one of the more modern replicas, they are built on sturdier PCBs and can probably take a bit more punishment. I would be less averse to experimentation on one of those.
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