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Default Re: Rusbridge's Auctions: 4 for 2019

As I said on Saturday night, I couldn't make it because of family commitments in the south, unfortunately. I'll also be missing a rare gig in Rammy by one of my favourite bands as well but when you have two locations, you have to be philosophical about this sort of thing in the end! I usually get my "ducks in a row" but on this occasion they got shot.

Ironically, I was in Chorley only a couple of months ago to pick up a RG from a Forum member. What a great "Mission Statement" from Rob there. If anybody can establish a Northern event it's him! I think you may have a point about wider advertising Andy but " a box of valves" is a pretty general description in use at all the auctions. There is only so much you can do in preparation and more detail often leads to more time consuming-often futile enquiries. A chap,once refused my offer on some valves he was selling and then rang back a few weeks later [a bit shame faced] saying "I'll take your price, you were right, I was bombarded with enquiries but sold nothing and I'm exhausted!"

Lots of Forum members are miles away from any events at all so I'm surprised that your friends [living locally] were put off from popping over for a look. It's handy to have a catalogue [especially if you're at a distance] but not essential.

Dave W
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