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Default Re: A GPO 746 and a liGo Bluewave; Struggling to get them to work together.

Originally Posted by rambo1152 View Post
.... If your phone doesn't ring you can make a small modification to the internal wiring to use the internal capacitor in the phone....
The modification from "Three wire" to "Two wire" is as follows -

Strap T8 - T9
Strap T4 - T5 - T6 - T7
Strap T16 - T17 - T18 - T19

Some straps may already be present in the above positions, you also need to ensure that there is an internal capacitor fitted in C1/2 position on the circuit board (some later phones didn't have these fitted.)

Red of line cord to T8
White of line cord to T18

Park Green and Blue of line cord on one of spare Terminals T11, 12, 13, 14 or 15.


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