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Default Re: A GPO 746 and a liGo Bluewave; Struggling to get them to work together.

Originally Posted by Dave Moll View Post

The Ligo 'box' is just a rebadged X-Link BTTN adapter which Ligo no longer support hence the reduction in price.

From memory, the X-Link worked with pulse dialling telephones. I have an X-Link somewhere but not used it for many years. I worked with X-Link in the early days of the unit on adding the UK tones and cadences not long after it came out twelve to 15 years ago. Up until then it only had the US ones. They then added various countries with a bit of 'pushing'. If you look carefully in the Ligo info you'll come across reference to downloading firmware from the X-Link website.

I bought a few Ligo boxes when they were first reduced but not got around playing with the yet. Mine came as a 'GB' version with GB PSU - not sure about the cords but I believe now you get the 'EU' version. Something else to play with while we are locked down.

They are good way of using up a unused 'free' minutes on your mobile from extensions on a phone system.
That sounds encouraging; I'm a bit more hopeful now!

As for adaptors I ordered the first one in Rambo1152's post so that's useful!
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