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Default Re: A GPO 746 and a liGo Bluewave; Struggling to get them to work together.

Originally Posted by rambo1152 View Post
Hi Dan and welcome.
So the 746 has been "converted" to use a modern BT plug?
I'm not sure whether it was converted or was issued with one. It's in a chocolate brown colour, which I gather is post-1980 issue.

And there was a linecord with an RJ11 on each end included with the LiGo?
Well... There was... Managed to wreck one of the connectors.

Have you got a spare broadband microfilter lying around?
No, unfortunately.

You can use it as an adapter to connect the phone to the LiGo like this,

Attachment 219135

The filter also contains a ringing capacitor, simulating a master socket, so the phone should ring on incoming calls.
Might have to look at getting one of those; I simply ordered a BT Female - RJ11 Male adaptor.

Mine a different gateway device but the principle is the same.

You will not be able to dial outgoing calls on that phone as things stand, because it's most unlikely the Ligo will support pulse dialling. There are ways around this, but one thing at a time.

<<Edit>>, seems I may be wrong about that last point, I've just seen reviews saying they have used rotary dial phones with success, I must say I am both surprised and impressed.

22.98 including shipping, not bad.
That's why I chose it; I gather that it is possible to configure it for pulse dialling.
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