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Default Re: AVO VCM163 - Some faults I have had

OK, not actually a fault, but an observation.
On looking at the switch positions for testing double-triodes, I noticed that there was a difference between those for American valves of the 12A_7 type and the British equivalent ECC8_. This is, of course, down to the fact that the American valves are quoted as having 12.6 v heaters and the British ones working on 6.3 v. Although of limited value, the "heater continuity" test would show a "fail" on the American valves if one triode's heater was o/c; the same test on a British valve would only fail if both filaments were o/c. So, it would make sense to test such valves' heater continuity in both series (American 12.6v) and parallel (British 6.3 v) heater configurations, wouldn't it?
I bet some of you out there that have used valve testers over the years have already worked this out, but maybe not.....
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